Automatic Bhelpuri Vending Machine

Conventional Bhel-Puri making process is much of human interface. It also takes more time in the entire process. In case, if there is crowd at Bhel-Puri stall then the Bhel-Puri maker experiences fatigue and gets confused. Sometimes, quality of Bhel-Puri also gets changed. In order to overcome these drawbacks Automatic Bhel-Puri Vending Machine is designed. The main objectives of this invention are to reduce human effort and innovation in food industry towards automation. Nowadays there is various type of automation has been done in various industries e.g. Manufacturing Industry, Food industry, Automobile Industry etc. In food industry lots of automation work has been done using Programming Logic Controller. In this work Microcontroller has been used to make this machine reliable. This automatic machine gives an advantage of the hygienic product as well as contactless dispensing of the Bhel-Puri. As well all the food contents which are being used in the preparation of Bhel-Puri are being disinfected by UV lights and final product will also get dispensed total hygienic and contactless of human.

Main Components of Automatic Bhel-Puri Making Vending Machine
1. Food Storage Bins: Which will store all the different food contents which are being used in the Bhel-Puri making. And all the food contents will get disinfected by the UV lights.
2. Hopper: Hopper will be used for collecting all the different food contents which are being dispensed from the storage bins. All the mixing process will be done in the Hopper.
3. Micro Controller: Controller will give the feedback and signal to the different dispenser motors and mixing motors.
4. Mixing Rotor: Mixing rotor will mix all the different food contents which will be dispensed from the storage bins.
5. Dispensing Motor: These motors are mounted in every storage bin and in the bottom side of the hopper and it will be activated when the microcontroller will give the signal to them. Basically, these are used for dispensing purpose.


Automatic Bhel-Puri Making and Vending machine works on the micro controller and which
can also be works on the coin sensing. Specially designed coin will get inserted then only machine will run. This concept also be initiated in this machine. Machine will not run on the coins which are not being processed by the micro controller. When processed coin will get sensed then its output will be being transferred to the next unit. And then whole programmed cycle will be going on. After sensing of the coin, the output will run the dispensing motors of the storage bins. And as decided and programmed food quantity will be dispensed in the hopper for mixing purpose. Each and every time same quantity of the all food gradients will be dispensed and same taste will be served to the customers. All the food ingredients will get dispensed in the specified quantity. And same quantity will get dispensed in the hopper and then after dispensing from the storage bins mixing motor will get started mixing process and timing of mixing will be pre set value and then all the time same mixing will occur every time.After proper mixing timings motor will stop mixing and the Dispensing motor will dispense the final product Bhel-Puri to the dish from hopper outlet. All the parameters will be programmed and each and every time all the values will be same so that taste and process will get same so that taste will not be changed. And final Bhel-Puri will be hygienic and contactless of human that’s why people will highly prefer. Storage bins are designed specially and every bins have UV lights mounted which will disinfect all the food ingredients.

Totally Hygiene product will get delivered.
Bhel-Puri will be disinfected and hygienic.
Same taste will be delivered all the time.
Contactless delivery and minimum making time.
Automatic Mixing and Dispensing facility.

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