Automatic Sanitizer Chamber



Basically, it is a Door and tunnel type attractive design in which two side enclosed with s.s. sheet and other two side are open for entry and exit purpose and it is also enclosed with plastic sheets. When human enters in the tunnel or machine at that time sensors which are placed top center and side center senses human body and gives output to the circuit and circuit gets activated and whole system activates and all 14 sprayers gets activated and starting to spray towards center of the tunnel and all 14 sprayers sprays on the human body and it will automatically stops after 10-15 seconds. Because 10-15 second is enough for Sanitization. When Sprayer stops then human can exit from front side means exit side. So this machine can sanitize 4-5 humans in a minute and 250-300 humans in an hour.

We from Penguin Innovative Engineering have Launched India’s First Full Body Automatic Sanitizer machine. Basically, Whole world is suffering from CORONA pandemic and India also included in it but our government has awaken early and instantly decided to Lockdown so with effect of that we are controlled CORONA and still its been seen that cases rises gradually. So as an Indian we have decided to stop this kind of spreading infections by sanitizing full body automatically. And we came to know and started our Workshop with the help and permission of Vatva Police Inspector. And Finally, our efforts seem worthful and we succeed to create Full body Automatic Sanitizing machine.

How to working:

• Built a tunnel to spray employees at an industrial and government office complex with disinfectant before they begin work the Country battles a coronavirus outbreak
• The tunnel is equipped with infrared detectors that activate a spray from misters when a person enters
• Spraying low-concentration bleach-and-water mixture in machine
• Machine can mixing automatic


Construction Type: full s.s body
Size: 3ft (W)x 3ft (L)x 7ft (H)
Body material: Stainless steel
Water Setting
Weight :100kg
Power: AC 220v 2 amp
Automatic spray system
Storage: 30 liter storage

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