Hot Soup Dispenser


Automatic Soup and hot chocolate dispenser Vending Machines

Decorative look with LED light & Zero Maintenance Cost.  


No. of Nozzles:3 

Size: L x B x H = 3 Feet x 1.5 Feet x 3 Feet. 

Water Storage Capacity = 3 liters total 9 liter 

Filling Speed = 10 – 300min/Nozzle.  

Power Consumption: 220V, 50Hz, 650 Watt. use with inventor battery Material Used: Stainless Steel Grade-304 & Grade-202 ABS top with light  Filling Range: 8 ML to 100 ML 

machine Working: 

Working by two methods: 

  1. Sensor-based specified  
  2. Button operated continuously.
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