Oxygen Generation Plant


  • Automatic Grade : Automatic
  • Design : Customized
  • Capacity : 1- 15 nm3, 2~240 Nm3/h
  • Purity : 93+3%
  • Initial Pressur : 0.05~0.55 Mpa
  • Dew Point : -40oC

Special Features

  • Fully Automatic Rotary Air Compressor.
  • Very low power consumption.
  • Saving of water as air compressor is air cooled.
  • 100% stainless steel construction column as per ASME standards.
  • High purity Oxygen for medical/hospital use.
  • Skid mounted version (No foundation required)
  • Quick start up and Shut down time.
  • Filling oxygen in cylinder by liquid oxygen pump.

Main Components

  • Low pressure rotary air compressors.
  • Purification Skid complete with all items.
  • Cryogenic Expander with Booster technology.
  • Rectification column high efficiency BOSCHI ITALY patented.
  • Oxygen cylinder filling system with oil free liquid oxygen pump.
  • Nitrogen cylinder filling system with oil free liquid Nitrogen pump.(optional)

Spare Parts

  • AIR COMPRESSOR(Rotary Air Compressor)
  • PROCESS SKID :(Moisture separator, oil absorber, 2 molecular sieve battery, nitrogen cooler, after cooler with tank, Chilling Unit , defrost heater, gas/water lines, dust filter, Freon unit)
  • AIR SEPARATION COLUMN –COLD BOX (Leak proof stainless steel column)
  • LIQUID OXYGEN PUMP(Oil free stainless steel Liquid Oxygen Pump)
  • CYLINDER FILLING MANIFOLD –( The high pressure oxygen gas upto 150 bar coming out of the cold box at 95% purity and bone dry ( – 60 dew point) will be filled directly into oxygen cylinders in a oxygen cylinder filling manifold)
  • Fully Automatic Operation requiring no special attention – Man less Operation
  • Generates Oxygen as and when required – Plug It, Switch On & Forget
  • Easy to install and maintain – Skid Mounted & precommissioned
  • Purity of Oxygen up to 93-95% can be achieved
  • PSA (Twin Tower Pressure Swing Adsorption) Based up to 150 NM3/hr
  • VPSA (Three Tower) For 150 Nm3/hr to 1500 Nm3/hr
  • VSA (Three Tower) For capacities more than 1500 Nm3/hr
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