Oxygen Medical VPSA Plant

Product Description

400 Cylinders Filling/day
Automatic Grade
Oxygen Gas Purity
90 to 95 %
Glass industries for furnace enrichment
Argon Content
4.5 %
The VPSA Oxygen Gas Plant is available with an air fan and vacuum generator and has a quick and convenient start and stop. This oxygen plant has low automation and is user-friendly. The plant provides pure Oxygen by using Zeolite Molecular Sieves. Due to its larger capacity, it uses Vacuum-assisted regeneration.

How VPSA Principle works This process consists of 2 beds filled with Molecular Sieves. These cycles alternately in Production and in Regeneration. Regeneration of Molecular sieves is done with the assistance of a Vacuum pump. The waste gas is 85% Nitrogen and 15% Oxygen which is vented to the atmosphere. Product Oxygen gas purity is 90 to 95%.

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